About Us

CEA was founded in June 2006 by Professional Engineer Ronald H. Sutton, Jr.  Since that time we have grown to a staff of eight with varying experiences and expertise.

At CEA, we foster cooperative attitudes and maintain clear communication links with approval agencies.  We continually monitor the inner workings and requirements of the various approval agencies and use this knowledge to customize the preparation of our plans to facilitate timely, successful reviews.


Core Values

  • Communication – Our key personnel are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We always provide our clients with our mobile numbers for ease of connection. We are committed to providing clear and concise information, regardless of the news.
  • Efficiency – Through our years of experience and the increasing benefits of technology, we have been able to develop projects in an efficient manner. This often means that projects are available for development sooner than expected.
  • Reliability – In today’s economic conundrum, we recognize the need to deliver projects on time. Being dependable ensures we meet project deadlines and goals.
  • Creativity – Most Engineers work within the lines and very rarely operate outside the box. We pride ourselves on developing creative solutions for complicated situations.
  • Value Minded – Our job is to design a project on time and within budget. We also believe it is our responsibility to design a project that is the most efficient and the least costly to construct.


CEA has the experience and the ability to provide comprehensive SOLUTIONS to problems that address the specific needs of each CLIENT.”

We specialize in all phases of land development.  In addition to standard engineering, surveying, planning, and construction services, we provide resource identification services for all types of clients (i.e. properties, investors, developers, builders, buyers and sellers alike).

For a list of our professional services, please visit the Services Page.